Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Welcome!! Grab a cup of coffee and visit with us! We hope you enjoy our story! (((HUGS)))

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The "system" aka the Government

There is one less little boy at our house. He was supposed to come with his brother only for Thanksgiving. But he stayed until January 29th. And we LOVED every minute of it!

We really miss him.

But the County was incredibly excited to get him into the first ever home for severely Autistic children in the State, with his brother. There will be 12 severely Autistic children living there.

This group home was developed and partially funded by a Dr/mom who could not find a "home" for her severely Autistic son. No he did not live with her. (yes I'm curious as to why) The County is giddy with glee to make this "new" Group Home work.

In an age where the Government is currently insisting on implementing "person centered living" for adults with disabilities. Threatening to close their "sheltered workshops" or DACs as we call them because they are to now be surrounded and supported by non-paid staff at every opportunity. These children will not be living "person centered lives".
And try telling MA and SP that they can no longer attend the Whitney Senior program for elderly adults with disabilities (MA) or their (SP's) only hope for earning money, her DAC is shutting down. They are 59 and 60 years old. They are expected to attend anything they want with the community (un-paid staff) fully supporting them. What a mess. They don't want this change.

We are supposed to give MA and SP "exactly" the life they want. (yes the State quibbles over the definitions of the meanings of words like "exactly"! OY!)
But we do this already for them and have made their wishes our goal to provide them. Now it's a law. We are mandated to do so. Seems redundant.

CC is a child but he longer has a family.
Yes he has Autism, he wears depends, he is non-verbal, he has challenging aggressive behaviors.

But he can function in a family.
He was learning how here and we were amazed.

He loved having a strong father figure in Tom.
Yes he hit, but he was learning not to hit here. Because he was learning how to socialize.
Our frustration is with those who do not understand him.
Where are his rights?

School made us bring him home if he hit or made himself vomit. Seriously? That's his disability.

Most times he did those things just to leave school and come home. If they have the patience he would learn not to.

His para at school is a tiny little woman. CC does not respect women. He's 13, he has never learned how.

Poor CC who has not attended or received consistent schooling of any kind in 13 years needs public school, so why send him home??
We asked the County- we asked the school- doesn't he have any Educational Rights? He needs to be in public school. He does not need to come home!!!! He needs the supervision of public school to learn these social skills!!

 We miss him dearly. But the law states he has to be with his brother TA. Which seems so unfair because his 6 other siblings do not have to and of course can't because they do not have Autism.
We would support him if they would place in another family. We would take him as respite any time.
This way we'll never see him again.

Their minds are made up.

He is lost in the "system" now.

He'll imitate what he lives with and it will be 12 other severely Autistic children, with paid staff.
No "person centered" planning for a child like CC.
He'll grow stronger and more aggressive.

He'll always be in our prayers.
We thank God for him, he is an amazing little survivor.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Pictures for Grandma

 Grandma wants pictures. So Isaiah got to work.

I thought these were very cute. Pauly (8) lost his front teeth! Adorable! Out of the 6 youngest, Pauly has perfect teeth. Mercy's are good too.

Mercy has her visit with the new dentist all alone because it will be a challenge.

 A contemplative Noah (12) His hair never lays down, because he rubs his head as he "bounces" in bed at night! LOL!!

 Julius (8)
All five went to see the "new" dentist closer to home. (an hour away) And those that need extractions/surgery will drive 1 1/2 hours away to be put out.

We dressed the boys in their "They Searched the Whole World for Me" tshirts for their new dentist visit. Everyone fell in love with them! They thought we always dress them alike- ha! ha!

 Mosie (10) will have extensive dental surgery in March. He has lost a lot of his baby teeth, but now many adult teeth poking through are rotten.

Jacob has dental surgery at the end of February. Poor Jacob, first brain surgery and now extensive dental surgery. Pain in his mouth, pain in his head.

The good part is he will feel even better after the dental surgery, just like he did after his brain surgery. The sad part is that he has had to suffer so.

I know I'm biased, but these are the cutest boys on the planet! LOL!
They wrap my heart around their little fingers!
PRAISE God! We cannot remember life without them!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

New flash, new tripod

 Isaiah and Tom thought we needed some new camera accessories! So we bought a new flash, and a cool tripod!
Mercy (above) fell asleep in her time out chair! Isaiah took a second picture with the flash and she still didn't wake up!!

 Mosie in his little trundle bed. The sides are up so he doesn't roll off. He loves his bed except when he falls out!
Isaiah used the flash here, I think its too bright and "washes" things out. :o(

 Mosie comes out from his sleeping position, curious about the bright lights! You can barely see Noah asleep in the bottom bunk next to Mosie. Sometimes they help themselves to toys from the toy box on the right. We can hear them. We go in with exaggerated voices saying "Oh! No! What are you dooooing!!" We put the toy back and tell them to lay down! LOL!
Mosie sleeps with Olivia the pig. He loves her! LOL!! It was Mercy's toy- but she hated it! Mercy hates everything- LOL!
 Mosie in CC's room. I think the flash is too bright here too. CC removes his quilt and afghan from his bed and brings them around the house with him!

Mose checkin out CC's room!

 Merc watching a movie. We sew the ends of her jammy hands so she can't hurt/scratch her pretty face. We put a jammy over her clothes for that reason also when she has a time out. She really likes this chair and lately we've had a devil of a time getting her out of it now. She'd watch videos 24/7 in this chair if we let her.

 Isaiah set up the tripod to photograph breakfast. :o)
Julius at the end in red jammies, Lysa and Pauly, Zay and Noah.

 Zay and Mose, Kitty and Jacob. Using the tripod and timer delay.

The whole gang using tripod & timer!!

 Kitty and Mosie. Moses and Julius can feed themselves. Mosie gets last bite help!

 Pauly is not a morning person! Poor baby! These pictures were pre- flu! CC brought us all flu. He goes to public school and had it first. It was awful. Thank the Lord MA and SP had flu shots.

Isaiah took a picture of a yummy snack the older 4 made of roasted veggies.
In the back our 2nd aerogarden. Our small aerogarden (upstairs) has a huge tomato plant in it. This big one had herbs and now replanted with 4 tomato plants.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tender hearts

I just LOVE boys. I think as girls we find boys fascinating. :o) From never having a brother. To hoping to marry a handsome boy some day. To having a husband, my very own boy (now 61 year old), for 45 years! To giving birth to my first boy. I have many granddaughters but only one grandson from my first birth son. A lifetime of trying to figure them out! ;o)

I remember the first time I learned that there were many little baby boys who were black, needing homes, twenty five years ago. The cost of adopting was reduced substantially just to place them. :o(
And then four years ago I learned fewer boys with disabilities were adopted.  And I've never understood why.

I LOVE my girls, I LOVE knowing how they think. Their hopes and dreams. I'm so glad the Lord blessed us with both. But choosing one over the other, I just can't.

Unless one is the underdog. And I think boys get a bad rap.

CC sorting his blocks.
There is an order to everything. Each block has a meaning. You know he likes you if he shares.

This weekend we had to tell the children our decision for TA.

It was hard.

The girls (Faith 14, Lysa 13, Kitty 12) understood. We need their help. But the girls can't help with the personal needs of a 12 year old boy, taller than them, stronger, aggressive. He will need strong male caregivers in his home. TA overpowers Isaiah and me together.

 Isaiah cried.

Later he told the girls that when he grows up he's going to find TA and adopt him.

They told me and I cried.

Isaiah's heart is so tender. He has so much LOVE for the underdog. He has a HUGE desire to serve the Lord helping those who need.

I couldn't be "prouder" of Isaiah. And I don't say that lightly. Pride is not something we esteem. But its the best word I can use here. To try to explain that this 11 year old boy, a special GIFT from God! Given to me (a surprise pregnancy) when I was 47 years old and not expecting such a gift of JOY! He has brought so much JOY to our lives, and now as he grows he brings JOY to so many other's lives as well.

There are adult siblings that will never know him, and I'm sad for their loss. Nieces and Nephews who are forbidden to visit him.
But the Lord Himself surely GIFTS Isaiah with many more family members than we imagined he'd have. And I can honestly say that all of us in this family adore him!!

In the photo above, CC, (13 yrs) a sweet young man with Autism who mostly chooses not to touch or hug, puts his arm around our/his LOVE Isaiah. And CC is smiling. I just LOVE CC's heart for LOVING Isaiah!
(once when Tom tried to hug CC he punched him!!)

We THANK God for our boys!!
(I wish I could show you the smile on CC's face in the picture above but due to his privacy we can't.)